Say WhaTT

We took the best of the bike, we added the electric boost tork. The WhaTT was born!

Chapter 1:

The encounter

May 2016. The electric mountain bike is booming. It inspires four people passionate about riding and challenges. Young people full of energy and experienced developers. They will put their desires and ideas in common. The WhaTT project is emerging.

Chapter 2:


July 2016. A week of tests with the future ambassadors of the TT Circle in La Clusaz (Haute-Savoie). Enduro, dirt, cross-country, E-MTB, electric motorcycles. All bikes are pushed to the limits to identify the DNA of riding. The result? Our TT Technology and the culture of a new "ride spirit".

Chapter 3:

The first prototypes

December 2016. First WhaTT prototypes. Confidial and camouflaged. Our riders run the slopes down to Annecy. Streets, lake sides, parks. They validate their perfect ride: pedal to surpass themselves and boost to play. On all grounds, urban and outdoor.

Chapter 4:

And now!

The universes, disciplines and madness of all these riders inspired us. Our engineers developed the Twin Transmission Technology (TT Technology), hybridizing the Trail and Trial systems. Our designers put together the pieces of the puzzle and formalized this daring integration. WhaTT was born, ready to ride.